What is Kids&Us?

Discover the Kids&Us franchise model
Discover the Kids&Us franchise model

Kids&Us: Success based on our own method

Kids&Us is a successful business model, with a proven track record that goes back to 2003 and which, at the time of writing, has approximately 115,000 students in 375 schools throughout 9 countries.

Kids&Us wants to set a benchmark and be the world's leading brand in English learning for children from the age of 1 year old. The success of Kids&Us is based on its own teaching methodology.

Kids&Us around the world

Kids&Us was founded in Manresa, Barcelona, in 2003. The success of the method and the business model brought a rapid expansion, both in Spain and internationally, which has led to the company opening schools on four continents and being able to maintain exponential growth over the last few years.

Kids&Us around the world

Innovation is key to the success of Kids&Us

Kids&Us is not just another language school. Natàlia Perarnau, founder has developed a totally innovative and effective pedagogical method:

  • Kids&Us uses a unique teaching method based on the natural process of acquiring one’s mother tongue, an infallible process which takes place in a specific, natural and spontaneous order.
  • The courses are adapted to the students' age and experiences in life.
  • Small groups, with a maximum of 5 students in the Babies stage and 8 in the rest of the courses, allow for personalised attention and a high level of student participation and interaction in the classroom.
  • Continuity of the courses allows children to learn from 1 to 18 years old.
  • Classes are 100% in English ensuring total linguistic immersion.
  • English goes beyond the classrooms so that students can continue learning outside of class time:
    • 360º Universe: an endless range of activities and stimulating opportunities to continue learning at urban day camps, workshops (for cooking, science, theatre), summer camps, etc.
    • Products created by Kids&Us: books, boardgames, etc.
    • Apps, online homework exercises and electronic devices.
Kids&Us has developed an innovative and efficient pedagogical method
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